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It's just me being me.
My name is Tony, and my ponysona is Stormy Quill. I'm always happy to talk, so feel free leave a message in my inbox.
I also like to RP. For character info, please check the RP BIO page
I follow you cuz you look like someone I'd like to RP with. The only reason I haven't is cuz I think my character needs work.


OOC: Aww hon! I’d love to RP with you, but I won’t force you. You come to me when you feel comfortable, ‘kay? I’ll be waiting!

Aww, thank you.  Once my character is ready, I’ll send ya a request to RP. (Yes, I am the anon.)

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I ship it


"Don’t forget
Always, somewhere
someone is fighting for you.
As long as you remember her,
you are not alone.”
I saw this post last night and one thought led to another and was thinking about these two.  I couldn’t help but see some striking similarities, both in appearance and in the whole giving up their physical forms.  I figure they would comfort each other about the loved ones they left behind.
So enjoy some feels~

I was thinking about this comic again, so I had to reblog it again.

Mama Rose and her baby Gemlings!
I have a feeling that, no matter what, the Gems will always look up to Rose Quartz.

Umbreon & Espeon ♥